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2018 AAHSFF Official Selections Laurel-White.png

Founded in 2019 by Multi-award-winning filmmaker Chris Kam, Kam Creative Offers distinctive film production services to California and beyond. 

To date, Chris' work has garnered over 7 million views and has been featured by The Washington Post, Sony, and Tampa Bay Times.

From working with local businesses and non-profits to large-scale documentaries, Chris has the experience necessary to help you tell your story.


Chris first came up here to help with a video last year and has become a great friend since. He's headed off to Chapman's film program this year, as much as I've tried to convince him to just shoot Cerro Gordo stuff all day. Anyway, he's a star so check out his stuff - he's bound to put out great stuff in his career. ⁣⁣


You rock Chris!!!!!!💪🏻 thank you so much 


Man crushed it! Huge thanks to Chris Kam for filming the marathon.